My name is Mathe van den Broek and together with my wife Yvonne, we own the Bull Terrier kennel Off Daikini. More than 25 years ago we were addicted to this breed, and since then our feelings towards this breed has not changed.
Our kennel is best described as a small kennel where all our dogs and puppies are raised in a homely atmosphere The dogs that founded our kennel descended from the best English and Dutch lines.
Over the years, we can say that we have built a very successful own line of breeding. We continue to breed the dogs that are directly descended from our 1st generation and we can say we have been successful so far. Not too many breeder can say that they have been in the breed for so long and still keep working on improving the breed. Of course we are proud of this.

Daikini Bull Terriers have been experiencing many highlights in the history of the Bull Terrier, even worldwide. Although we are a small kennel and our bitches are only bred to a maximum of two litters, the performance of the Daikini Bull Terriers in Netherlands have been exceptional so far.

On this site you will find information about our recent dogs and our breeding plans in the near future. However, if you are interested in the dogs from the beginning of our breeding career, please pay a visit to the Daikini Winners page that you can find on this site.

In short, Yvonne and I still experience how much fun we can generate from this wonderful breed after so many years. I hope you will enjoy visiting our site and pleasde let us know what you think of it!

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